Torsion Spring Manufacturing

When you need a torsion spring custom designed and manufactured, turn to Anderson Quality Springs, the leader in custom spring manufacturing solutions. 

Torsion Springs Custom Manufactured

Torsion springs can store and release rotational force or hold a mechanism in place. Torsion springs store mechanical energy by rotating coiling wires along an axis with legs on each end. This rotation creates a force that pushes attached components back to their original position.The legs or ends of the spring can be customized to work with different components.

At Anderson Quality Spring, we can manufacture torsion springs with custom end configurations for clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation. We can also create left-hand or right-hand wind or double torsion designs with unique leg designs. Our engineering team considers all variables to ensure your design can be manufactured accurately and at scale.

We typically work with carbon steel and stainless steel wire, but we can also use non-ferrous wires or other materials if needed.

Typical wire shapes for torsion springs include round and rectangular wire.

Torsion Spring Specs


0.008″ – 0.500″