Motorsport Spring Manufacturing


For over a decade, Anderson Quality Spring has developed strong supplier partnerships with aftermarket motorsport retailers to produce custom fork springs, shock springs, pressure springs, top-out springs, and other spring and wire form components. Our partnerships in the industry include BBR Motorsports, Factory Connection, GP Suspension, Enzo Racing, Vanasche Motorsports, and PR2 Racing to name a few. Whether you are sourcing parts currently in production or seeking a supplier source for late-lifecycle service and warranty parts, we are here to help.

Successfully manufacturing motorsport suspension parts requires deep domain knowledge of raw material, stress limits, mating part interactions, and manufacturing processes. Our specialized knowledge has enabled AQS to consistently produce superior-quality parts that perform exceptionally well. We take great pride in our accomplishments and look forward to expanding further into the industry by developing an equally successful supplier partnership with you and your team.


To ensure the success of your programs and platforms in manufacturing, it all begins with obtaining superior quality parts that function effectively. But our services do not stop there. AQS is capable of fulfilling your specific needs, whether it involves shot peening, pre-setting, or special finishing like powder coating, labeling, or packaging. Our ability to keep processes in-house results in quicker turnaround times, reduced costs, and improved quality control. If there is a capability that we do not possess in-house, we can rely on our network of vendors to meet your requirements while still adhering to our high standards of quality and performance.


Anderson Quality Spring brings added value to our partnership through our in-house engineering services. Preliminary feedback is offered during the quoting process and complementary in-depth engineering consultations are available to existing customer’s NPI project managers and design engineers. Our assistance may include working from an existing blueprint, reverse engineering a part based on a sample, or simple technical spring/wire form design consulting.

While our focus on motorsport suspension components is prominent, AQS also manufactures springs and wire forms of various sizes and shapes. Apart from our suspension spring specialization, we can fulfill custom requirements for technical compression springsextension springstorsion springs, and custom wire forming, supporting diverse motorsport assemblies including but not limited to:

  • Front suspension springs
  • Rear suspension springs
  • Fork springs
  • Pressure springs
  • Top-out springs

Our support of motorsport customers extends to our inventory management systems, which are integrated with their online MRP systems to optimize the management of their production resources. Similarly, we also cover related products in the automotive industry.



Anderson Quality Spring offers full-service manufacturing of custom springs and wire forms for the motorsport industry. We can work together to manufacture the custom spring and wire form components you need for your unique motorsport application. Submit your drawings and get started today! We look forward to working with you.