Extension Spring Manufacturing

Anderson Quality Springs provides extension springs that are designed to meet the highest industry standards. Trust us for all your extension spring needs!

Custom Manufactured Extension Springs

 Extension springs absorb and store energy while providing a predictable resistance with a pulling force. These springs are attached at two points of your component and work to bring the components back together with a precise force. Our engineers will work closely with your design team to ensure that all specifications are met.

 When designing your extension spring, there are several factors to consider. This includes the outside diameter, hook types, free length, installed length, desired performance, desired cycle life, and finish. We utilize carbon steel and stainless-steel wires for most of our springs, but we can also accommodate non-ferrous wires and other materials if necessary.

 At Anderson Quality Spring, we offer various extension spring end options. This includes machine hooks, crossover loops, shepherd hooks, and customized extended hooks with different lengths and designs. Our goal is to provide you with a spring that meets your specific needs and requirements.

Our team at Anderson Quality Spring is dedicated to delivering high-quality extension springs, torsion and compression springs that meet the demands of your application. We understand that you have choices in the spring industry, but we believe that our integrated manufacturing and engineering team can be a valuable asset to your project. Contact us today to speak with a spring expert and discover why we pride ourselves on getting it right the first time. You can also request a quote online or schedule an online video conference.


0.008″ – 0.250″