Compression Spring Manufacturing

Compression Spring Custom Manufacturing

Anderson Quality Springs offers custom manufacturing for compression springs. We use advanced techniques and high-quality materials to deliver springs that meet your exact specifications.

Compression springs are open-coil, helical springs that generate a compressive force along the axis. They push back when a force is applied and return to their original position when the force is released.

 When designing your compression spring, consider the outside diameter, inside diameter, end types, free length, installed length, desired performance, desired cycle life, and finish.

 At Anderson Quality Spring, our integrated manufacturing and engineering team ensures that your design specifications are met every time. We have the experience to develop compression springs for any application, regardless of size. Our integrated manufacturing system can save you money by setting up an order schedule that suits your company’s needs.

 We use variations of carbon steel and stainless steel wires for most compression springs. Non-ferrous wires and other exotic materials can be used when necessary.

 AQS can work with a variety of wire shapes, including round, square, rectangular, and custom shapes. We have experience with many unique wire shapes.


0.008″ – 0.500″