Firearm Spring Manufacturing


Anderson Quality Spring (AQS) proudly supports small and large firearms manufacturers. From springs for rifles and pistols, magazines to optics, we have the experience and capability to support the unique needs of customers in this market. We pride ourselves on our ability to keep as many processes in-house as possible, which allows us to provide quicker turnaround times and reduced costs while maintaining superior quality control.


Springs are an essential component of all firearms. Prototyping is essential to ensure the proper function of any new design. AQS has the knowledge and experience to achieve the highest probability of success in a prototyped part.


We understand that every customer has unique needs and requirements when it comes to manufacturing their firearm parts. From passivation and black oxide, to pre-setting, labeling, and packaging, we have the capabilities to provide you with the finished product you need. Our custom manufacturing capabilities allow for technical compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, and custom wire forming to be made for a wide variety of gun parts, including but not limited to:

  • Trigger & Hammer springs
  • Extractor & Ejector springs
  • Recoil & Buffer springs
  • Magazine springs
  • Slide Stop springs
  • Firing Pin springs


We work closely with customers throughout the design process, providing in-depth engineering consultations to our customers. Our in-house engineering support can involve working from drawings, reverse engineering samples, or offering technical consulting for spring/wire form design.

Our capabilities span a wide variety of wire sizes and materials with expertise covering AR-15 style weapons, 1911 and Glock style pistols, bolt and lever action rifles, standard magazines, extended magazines, and optics.


Anderson Quality Spring supports large and small firearms companies, from simple MIL-SPEC equivalent buffer springs to more complex trigger springs in lever action rifles. We can work together to manufacture the custom spring needed for your firearm application. Submit your drawings and get started today!