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Automotive and Truck

Since 2000 we have been supplying precision spring products to the automotive and heavy truck industries. Additionally, our ISO/TS16949 registration enables AQS to be a preferred partner in this market sector.

The motorcycle industry is a market that we began serving more than ten years ago by manufacturing custom for and shock springs. Success with these efforts opened the door for AQS to build springs for a wide range of motorcycle applications.




Defense and Security

From parts for government contractors to military firearms and sporting weapons, we have the experience and capability to support the unique needs of customers in this market with the right spring products.

Electronic industries cover a wide range of product types and we have worked with most of them. From consumer electronics to commercial power generation, we have done it. Test our creativity and skills the next time you are looking to design a custom battery contact or board level wire form.




Knife and Tool

We have a long history supplying products for manufacturers of knives and tools. Companies come to us for solutions to design challenges and our success has resulted in AQS becoming a top supplier to the most prominent brands in this industry.

From kit aircraft to the latest jet airliner, our springs play a role in your flying experience. We have the capability to build springs to aerospace specifications including an understanding of certified outside processors.




Dental and Medical

The tight tolerance, precision parts we make for this industry make us an essential supplier to the medical device companies we partner with. Whether it is a simple spring, circuit board level contact, precision wire form or a large wire bracket, AQS is the vendor of choice.

A large market for AQS is manufacturing springs for a wide range of light/heavy industries and commercial/consumer product manufacturers. Large or small, simple or complex, AQS can meet your needs.


Industry / Commercial / Consumer

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