Genteel LLC
Tualatin, Oregon

Anderson Quality Spring Mfg partners with North America’s best and brightest companies to support quality manufacturing. This month our Customer Focus is Genteel LLC. 

With over 40+ US and international patents, both issued and pending, Genteel LLC has proven concept on a unique and innovative new lancing device that uses vacuum and depth control to draw blood from anywhere on the body. Genteel’s objective is to make diabetes less traumatic, more hopeful and less financially burdensome. Their data shows 82% of Genteel device users see an improvement in their overall satisfaction with the blood drawing experience.

Interesting side note…Genteel is seeing significant sales growth to pet owners as more and more domestic pets are requiring frequent blood testing.

AQS and Genteel began working together in 2016 as Dr Chris and Bob Niemeyer began prototyping the initial generation of the Genteel lancing device. Both teams have worked closely together to continuously innovate the device mechanics that are core to the device. Genteel recently landed a milestone strategic relationship that will take Genteel global. Success brings different challenges, so Dr Chris brought in an impressive management team led by CEO Josh Owens and Supply Chain Manager Michele Davis to make good on Genteel’s Core Values of Integrity – Quality – Curiosity. 

The path to partnership with suppliers is fraught with obstacles, but the AQS-Genteel partnership is a great example of the kind of collaboration that is possible when making the exceptional happen. In the words of Dr Chris, “Anderson Quality Spring was there for Genteel every step of the way. From Sales ensuring our needs were fully understood, to Engineering helping us convert our functional needs into correct specifications, to Production stepping up to meet our intense new schedules, and especially to Management who put it all together and made it all happen on time and on budget.”

“Make Springs, Not War!!” says Dr Chris. We’ve got you covered Team Genteel!