Signature Process

Communication is Key to a successful product and long-term partnership. At AQS we are in constant communication with the client throughout the whole process.



Determine Customer Needs

Every customer comes to AQS with expectations and needs. Many times they are simply to receive a timely quote for their design or drawing. Other times it’s far more complex and the customer’s goals are not fully understood. It’s especially in those situations that taking time to ask questions and understand more fully what the customer needs makes the difference in the final product and the relationship!


Define Issues or Opportunities

Some customer designs are well defined and time tested. Other designs are fresh off the drawing board and are still only “theoretical”. Working with the customer to understand how their spring or wire form is meant to function within their application is crucial to building the right part the first time. Proto costs are expensive and having the part well thought out prior to building parts means shorter lead times and lower cost.


Explore Design Options

Springs are complicated parts, often under-estimated during the design phase of a product. Springs not only have physical characteristics that need to be considered but also rates, loads, initial tension, index and many other potential aspects that require engineering to avoid part and product failure down the road. A well-engineered spring or wire form means longer product life and fewer failures


Agree on the Best Solution

Once design options have been explored and engineering is done, the decision is made as to the best possible solution for the customer’s need. Sometimes the options are varied, other times only one makes any sense at all. AQS presents the customer with a quote that reflects the manufacturing demands of the product design while remaining competitive within the marketplace.


Manufacture the Product

It’s been said that spring manufacturing is more art than science. It is clearly both! Manufacturing springs and wire forms is a tedious and precise process involving experienced Process Managers, State-of-the-Art equipment, stringent quality standards, detailed documentation and patience. Lots and lots of patience! Maintaining high quality standards as a TS Registered Company requires attention to detail in every area and process


Satisfied Long-Term Customer

Suppliers that manufacture quality products, delivered on time and at a fair price is really what a company wants in a partnership. The best compliment we have received is when the Quality Department Manager of a Company didn’t know we existed because to them we were invisible! Design and engineering assistance, quality manufacturing, timely deliveries, fair pricing and customer service are the characteristics of a company that cares for their customers as partners, not just for their purchase orders. Anderson Quality Spring Mfg. is more than a spring manufacturer. We build long lasting partnerships with our customers and strive to serve beyond the status quo