Dental and Medical

Our home in the Pacific Northwest is also home to some of the largest dental products companies in the US. Proximity has helped AQS serve these critical customers and has enabled us to extend our reach throughout North America. Our designers have developed a multitude of springs for dental chairs, devices, and operatory furniture and our relationships with these companies are some of the longest standing of our client base. AQS also works with a number of medical device companies. The tight tolerance, precision parts we make for this industry make us an essential supplier to the medical device companies we partner with. Whether it is a simple spring, circuit board level contact, precision wire form or a large wire bracket, AQS is the vendor of choice.

  • Dental chair springs
  • Dental arm counterbalance springs
  • Small valve springs
  • Small switch springs
  • Wire clips
  • Needleless injectors
  • Ultrasound devices
  • Glucose monitoring products
  • First aid products
  • Obstetric products
  • Defibrillators
  • Aluminum bar forms